To promote lacrosse to the youth of Milton, MA
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Equipment needed for Girls Lacrosse:  
Read here: US Lacrosse Equipment guide

  • Girls/Womens Lacrosse Stick (Our favorite brands are STX and StringKing)
  • Goggles
  • Cleats for outdoor; Sneakers for indoor
  • Colored Mouth Guard (not clear) -  If you have a doctor/dentist recommendation for a more specialized mouthguard, please follow their advice.  Otherwise, please find a colored rubberized plastic moldable mouthguard & cut off any material that sticks out of the mouth


No piercings of any kind - players will be required to remove the piercing or choose to forfeit playing in the game. Covering the piercing is against FGLL rules.

Where to buy :

  • Specialty lacrosse stores, like Legit Lacrosse in Hanover; Lacrosse Unlimited in Weymouth; Monkey Sports in Norwood. 
  • Used sports equipment stores like Play It Again Sports - please familiarize yourself with modern sticks and don't buy earlier models 

Goalie Gear:  

Each coach is supplied with gear by MYL to legally protect your daughter when playing this position.  Many times she will play half  of the game & another girl will switch with her. 

*If your daughter has a skin infection on any given day that is contageous, please notify the coach so that we have her play goalie on a different day.  Open & healing wounds should be covered at all times while playing.  We recommend bring a close fitting long sleeve shirt to wear under the goalie equipment.   The CDC is a great source of up to date medical information about risk & precvention .  Here is an example for ring worm - fungus:  


Girls are asked to come to practice ready to play with the required equipment:

  • A regulation girl’s or women's lacrosse stick. NO fiddlesticks or boys sticks allowed for games (*Recommendations below) 
  • If you're not sure what to get, click on this link for information on How to choose a lacrosse stick for my daughter & options for all levels  
    • Given how quickly girls are picking up lacrosse, if you think your daughter is going to continue playing for a few years, it is worth investing in a mid-level stick. We'll link to some options and recommendations below, but as a general overview: 
      • Entry or beginner players looking for a more economical option can find them for around $50, just be careful that stick is actually regulation size (easily hold a tennis ball) and not the smaller swizzle sticks (which look like they would fit a squash ball) 
      • Beginner and Intermediate players can purchase a good mid-level stick for around $100 - $120
      • Mid-high level could run you $150-$240
      • Elite or advanced players will likely be looking at sticks that are $250 and up 
    • Here's a quick video with Tips on buying a girls lacrosse stick
  • Lacrosse goggles. Some of the kids versions are quite small - parent tip - have your daughter try them on before buying. All of the places we list below have goggles. 
  • Mouth guard.
  • Sturdy athletic shoes are a must. We recommend cleats as the fields can get slick with spring weather conditions, but sneakers are fine too. 
  • Water bottle.
  • A positive attitude :-)


* A couple of beginner stick options online, all under $50:


Maverik Ascent ST Complete Stick   

* If you would prefer to go in person, you can try:

Legit Lacrosse – Really knowledgeable and helpful!! 1112 Washington St, Hanover, MA 02339

Lacrosse Unlimited in Weymouth - Great selection, close by, and people that know lacrosse!!

Monkey Sports in Norwood – Good supply if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

MYL has some spare sticks for girls to borrow for the season, please email Becky Davis if your daughter needs one