To promote lacrosse to the youth of Milton, MA
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Lacrosse is not new to Milton!  Youth lacrosse has been played here in Milton since before 2000.    

"Milton Youth Lacrosse" now encompasses all programming in Milton for girls and boys, in grades 1-8.   Prior to the 2010 season the girls travel teams were separate from MYL and called Milton Girls Lacrosse.  Previous organizers of the girls league were Lee Keller around 2000, Phil Mulvey for around 4 years after that.  Virginia Dolan took over after that for a couple of years before the current Milton Youth Lacrosse was established in 2009.  

A skill development program for girls started in 2008 and included grades K-3.   For Spring 2010 the program had 80 participants!   The program has now been refined to grades 1-2 and remains a stay at home, learn to play program through skills & drills, and continues to be a hit for girls exploring sports.   

For girls in grades 3-8 there are travel teams based on grades: 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 that compete in the Founders Girls Lacrosse League.  The teams are balanced as are all teams from other towns in the league.  This means that if we have 2 or more teams, they will not be leveled based on ability with the idea being that the program is for learning and that newer players will learn from those with more experience.  For more advanced playing and working toward mastery of the sport, there are plenty of outside programs for those interested.  

The boys program supports travel teams for grades 1-8, again with teams based on combined grades and balanced teams.  For those in grades 1-2 there may be a slightly abbreviated game schedule that begins games shortly after the older travel teams.  This allows for more fundamentals before the start of games.
MYL has continued to grow and has supports over 350 players each season.  With lacrosse as one of the fastest growing sports, our program provides an opportunity for the youth of Milton to explore lacrosse and learn through practices and league games.